Weight Loss Tips After 40

You’ve spent 40 years and find it harder to lose weight than in the past, you eat light but you do not see any changes reflected in your figure. True, achieving the objective of losing weight after the four decades is usually an arduous task; however it is not impossible.

If this is your case, take a note of the Weight Loss Tips after 40 that you must follow to lose weight and fat, with constancy and discipline.


Guidelines You Must Follow to Weight Loss Tips After 40

Discard the diets

As we have already mentioned, at this age, to Weight Loss Tips after 40, even if you follow strict diets, just as you did at age 20, it is unlikely that you will get what you want. Instead of diets, you should make adjustments to your diet.

Set five meals a day, remember that even healthy foods can make you fat, so balance your food between proteins, vegetables and fiber. Also you must drink plenty of water.

Some specialists recommend that your lunch, for example, be covered in half of your plate per salad, plus a quarter of protein and a quarter of carbohydrates, low in glycemic index.

Have a good dream

Sleep is also related to metabolism in digestion and calorie consumption.If you sleep poorly, this is less than 7 hours, you will not burn calories and fats. This especially affects women because of the hormonal changes that occur with the onset of menopause. Try to complete a relaxed sleep, which reaches 8 hours or at least 7, thus you will get besides to Weight Loss Tips.


It is always necessary to stay active to burn calories, although at this stage of life, getting results quickly is a bit difficult, does not mean that we cross our arms and we dedicate to be sitting watching television, none of that. Nor is it worth exaggerating, just and precise is that you initiate a routine of walks, dance or aerobics, among other activities that involve physical effort. You know half an hour is enough and this is the best Weight Loss Tips after 40.

Visit to the doctor

Do not hesitate to perform a medical checkup, you may not achieve your goal of lowering a single kilo for some thyroid problem, especially for hypothyroidism. When this happens, the thyroid which is a gland that produces hormones that must regulate the metabolism no longer does it correctly and therein lays the problem, because it is fastened very easily.

It’s not much harder to keep fit after age 40, but it’s something you need to focus on a bit more. It has never been so important to stay in shape, so be sure to leave the food greasy and do some exercise.