Simple Exercises to Lose Belly Fat for Men


Accumulated belly fat affects your appearance, and even more importantly, health. As your waist increases in size, your risk of suffering a variety of serious conditions including heart disease and diabetes increases substantially. However, you can easily reduce belly fat and your risk of developing these health conditions by conducting exercises to lose belly fat for men. All you need to do is make healthy diet changes and exercise on a regular basis.


Below we have put together a list of effective exercises men can turn to as the best way to lose belly fat, and improve their health and appearance at the same time.


Lunge Twist


Another tip on how to lose belly fat is to perform the lunge twist. All you need to do is bring your right leg forward and bend the knee; this will stretch the hamstring on the left leg. With your hands stretched out in front of you and parallel to the ground, take a big step forward with the right leg, and assume an upright posture as if you are sitting. You should be using your toes to support your left leg. Now do the same with the other leg; aim for around fifteen repetitions.




These exercises are usually ranked among the best when it comes to losing belly fat. All you need to do is lie flat on your back and bend your knees while keeping your feet in contact with the ground. With your hands at the back of your head bring your upper body up to meet your knees. Remember to exhale as you pull upwards and inhale as you move back to the starting position. Combining crunches with an effective belly fat diet will help increase the amount of fat lost. To make things interesting, you can do different types of crunch exercises.




A great tip on how to lose weight fast is through running. Running helps raise your heart beat and with it your metabolism, helping burn more fat. Since running helps burn more calories than walking or even jogging, you get to enjoy faster weight loss results. This activity also helps you break from exercising in an indoor environment.




Perhaps one of the best tips on how to lose belly fat fast while also toning your entire body is through swimming. When using swimming to lose belly fat and raise your heart rate, it is recommended that you choose strenuous strokes.


Sticking to the above exercises to lose belly fat for men on a regular basis will provide visible results in just a few weeks. All these exercises can be conducted without supervision making it easier for you to do them at home.