Comprehensive Guide on How to Lose Weight for Men Over 40


For the men that are over 40, they may start to notice that fighting the bulges is more challenging compared on their younger age.  They will need to observe a strict discipline on the things they eat, their exercise routine and the supplements needed to help them lose weight.  Weight loss for men that are around 40 years of age requires an adjustment in their eating habit and daily exercise.  Your routine when you were just 25 years old will no longer create a significant change in the shape of your body.  This is because you have already entered a phase of men’s life that is commonly referred to as somatopose.  During this phase, the production of the growth enzyme declines causing you to accumulate an increase amount of body fat and reduced bone density and muscle mass.


4 Important Tips on How to Lose Weight for Men Over 40


  1. Include Bone Broth in Your Diet-The bone broth is definitely one of the most essential foods especially if you are already above 40 years old. Bone Broth can be made by simmering the bones for 10-24 hours using a slow cooker or about 1-2 days for the bone beef.  This meal contains a high level of collagen that keeps the skin elastic and firm which makes us look younger.  It also ensures that our joints are properly lubricated which allows us to complete our strenuous workout.  In the event that you want to know how to lose weight for men over 40, but you do not want the bone broth, you can ask your doctor for a food supplement with a high level of collagen.


  1. Testosterone Supplements- In the chemical structure, male and female species will always be different. When the testosterone level of men slows down, they will keep the fat and lose the muscle mass.  In the event that you are experiencing memory loss, low sperm count, irritability, erectile dysfunction, fat gain and low libido, then you are possibly experiencing a decline in your testosterone production.  Weight loss for men will be triggered once they amplify the testosterone production by drinking supplements or eating foods such as avocado, steak, garlic, Brazil nuts, etc.


  1. Fat-Burning Food- For those who want to know how to lose weight for men over 40, they need to be informed on the things they eat. You will need a dose of healthy fats, protein, vegetable and fruits, green smoothie and water.


  1. Rebooting the Metabolism- You does not have to do hours of strenuous workout if you want to know the secret behind weight loss for men. The best ways on how to lose weight for men over 40 is to spend only few minutes daily on your exercise.  You need to focus more on strength training and wild workout to lose weight.


Remember that anyone can look their best regardless of their age.  By following the tips, we provided you can still be at your best even if you are 60 years old.